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iPhone Game Reviews

Here are some iOS Games that I feel are worth the download...

7 Cities

A good tower defense game, this is one is set in the water. You must create towers to keep the evil ships from entering you city. Upgrades and a twist on this game I have not seen very often, the towers actually level up themselves.
Bloons Tower Defense

This game pits monkeys against balloons...I do no know why, but well it is rather addictive. If you like tower defense games with multiple upgrades you will enjoy this one....promise.
Forbidden Island - Button Mash Games Inc.

A good translation of the excellent board game. Can you get the artifacts off the island or will the island get you?
Galaxy On Fireā„¢ 3D

This is a very cool 3d space game that reminds me very much of the Wing Commander style of game. The controls are a bit tough to get used to, but the game play and 3 dimensional world is very well done.
Infinity Blade

An amazing RPG that has Unreal graphics a unique story line and console-level game play. The game is simply amazing, and has recently been reduced to $0.99. The only drawback is that it is a 595 meg download....
Palm Kingdoms Classic

This is very much like the old Heroes of Might and Magic. They have captured the sounds and many of the pics of the old classic. It can be a bit clunky to move around the game and the controls may not be the most intuitive, but I have found myself spending quite a bit time on this one.
Ranch Rush

This is a real time order filling game. It is your responsibility to save the ranch from being bought out. Your job is to fill the orders as fast as possible to raise enough money to save the ranch. With achievements and a silky smooth interface Fresh Games have a hit.
Phantasy Star II

This game is a good copy of the original Phantasy Star II. Remember it is classic gaming or old school as someone might say.
Zombie Dice - Steve Jackson Games

FREE TO PLAY - This is the press your luck dice game from Steve Jackson Games....with some silly zombie sounds to boot. A fun little game can you get to 13 brains before you are shotgunned and before the zombie? Man thats got to hurt!!!!!