Try your skills with ABC Soup!

The game that will help youngsters of all ages learn the English alphabet in fun new ways!!!

ABC Soup
Let's grab a spoon and get started!
Crack open your menu and choose from four different activities.
Learn your letters
ABCs, touch a letter at the top to listen to its sound delivered in adorable four and five year old voices. Also the capitalized letter and the corresponding lowercase will appear. If you touch them they will again repeat the letter. A picture of a word beginning with that letter will appear as well. In this case you can see A was pressed and a picture of an apple appeared. If you touch the apple the same voices will say apple. Touch the stop sign in order to go back to the main menu.
Alpha Blocks
Alpha Blocks, the object of this activity is to be able to guess the appropriate letter. One letter not will be displayed like the other letters. Rather it will flash with a question mark. You need to choose the correct letter from the four provided on the right, one will be correct and the other three will be incorrect. Any time you touch the block letters the corresponding letter will be said again. In this screen if you guess the correct letter a go button will appear. It will look like a traffic signal. Touch this button and the screen will reset randomly in order to be attempted again.
Letters from the soup
Alphabet Soup, The game's namesake. Here you attempt to guess how to spell a particular word. In this case it is in the upper right. If you are unsure how to spell this word, just touch it and the correct spelling will be provided for a few seconds. Next you need to touch the corresponding noodle letters to spell out the word in question. If you touch the wrong letter you may erase the last letter by touching the eraser. Otherwise if you think you are correct just touch the guess button. Have fun and Bon Appetit!!
play hangman
Hangman, in this screen you are to guess the word that is randomly generated by touching the letters at the top of the screen, similar to the ABC screen. If you guess a correct letter, it will be displayed as an alphabet noodle in the correct location. If you are incorrect you will lose a balloon. Lose 14 balloons and the game is over, but you can always retry again by touching the green light button. With over 400 words you should not get a repeat.