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My Unity games...

Astro-Rocks....free to play on this website!!!!

Use your keyboard to pilot your lonely starfighter, gather power-ups, battle asteroids, other ships, a space station, and other asteroids. Did I mention the asteroids?

iRunner....also free to play.

This is an infinite robot runner free for you to enjoy right here on this website. You use the spacebar to jump and double jump in the air. How far can you go? My high score is 1585!

StarChild....Also a free to play game on this website!!!!

This is a 2D platformer, with 3 complete levels and more to come every week. Level 4 is under construction. Use the arrow keys to move left or right and the spacebar to jump. Can you collect all of the stars? If you get hurt by any of the baddies or fall on a sharp object, just hit the spacebar again to restart the level.

iPhone Game Reviews iPhone Game Reviews
My iOS games...

LiL Robot....Now available in the AppStore!!!

This is L1L. As you may have noticed L1L is a robot a brand new robot that the professor has just invented. Just as L1L is going through some final testing something happens to the professor. Now it is up to L1L to find the professor, but L1L needs your help! Can you help L1L get out of the lab and save the professor?


The classic lights off puzzle game with 125 puzzles, including timed puzzles, puzzle patterns as well as a build your own puzzle area, all for $0.99.

The US Presidents

Twenty Five random rapid fire questions concerning the commander-in-chief. Think you can answer them all?

The Great Wall

A break-out clone that utilizes the tilt functionality of the iOS devices with stunning views of the Great Wall of China in the background.

ABC Soup

A cute little alphabet app with 3 year old and 5 year old voices to help you learn the alphabet. Great for your youngster!

US States and Capitals

Learn all 50 states and their correpsonding capital in a fun, but competitive way. This game will help you with school or a good way to just appear more intelligent with your friends.

Deal of the Week...aka other people's games that are worth downloading...
Puzzle Retreat - The Voxel Agents

A free-to-play able-to-purchase more levels later type puzzle game. You must use some strategy in order to use each of the pieces as well as fill the entire game board. As usual it starts out easy and gently increases in difficulty. A very well done app.

Previous Deals of the Week...(also other people's games)
Asphalt 8: Airborne - Gameloft

Gameloft set a standard of excellence that few have been able to attain. The sounds, the visuals, and the physics are of such quality you forget that it is a mobile game. Bravo Gameloft and a price tag of $0.99. Which puts this squarely in the realm of GOTTA DOWNLOAD!!!

Build-a-Lot 2: Town of the Year - Glu Games Inc.

A house and neighborhood building game, that has some time management thrown in as well. Manage money, resources, repairs, blueprints and the clock. A very well done game worthy of the $0.99 price tag.

Zombie Dice - Steve Jackson Games

FREE TO PLAY - This is the press your luck dice game from Steve Jackson Games....with some silly zombie sounds to boot. A fun little game can you get to 13 brains before the zombie gets 13 and before you are shotgunned? Man thats got to hurt!!!!!

Relix - Mark Mengelt Relix

FREE TO PLAY - This game is very much like the Brix game developed by Michael Riedel for Epic MegaGames in 1991. This is a classic puzzle game and is worth IMHO at least $0.99 a download. I enjoy the sound effects and the music. Kudos to Mark Mengelt and OverSpark as they have created a fine game here.

Dark Fighter

FREE TO PLAY - This RTS blends the usual resource balancing and defend your base whilst taking out your opponent. With good graphics, simple yet elegant gameplay, multi-player support and a FREE price tag this is worth a look. Did I mention that it was free???

Graal Online Classic

Welcome to a classic MMORPG which reminds me of a multiplayer orginal 2D Zelda type world. The music and sound effects are old school and you have a 4 arrow system when it comes to movement. The tutorial is helpful as well.

Galaxy On Fireā„¢ 3D

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! - This is a very cool 3d space game that reminds me very much of the Wing Commander style of game. The controls are a bit tough to get used to, but the game play and 3 dimensional world is very well done.

Cooking Dash

This is a cute time management game. Here you are the manager of a restaurant and you seat the customers, fulfill their orders by preparing the food, delivering it, receiving payment, and cleaning up afterwards.